• A professional approach, phone consultants offered, customised wellness programs given.

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  • The greatest wealth is health.

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  • Health, Wellness = Good Nutrition.

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  • Care about your family? Care about their health.

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  • Offering individual products or a customised formula mixed just for you.

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    Welcome to Customised Health Essentials and thank you for visiting our site. The inspirational drive behind launching this website was firstly, to provide specialised individual powders from all over the world that have medicinal benefits but sometimes are hard to obtain. More importantly, through a natural practitioner, to offer a personalised comprehensive mixture of powdered elements to treat a health issue/concern. Secondly, to not just sell the products, but to offer greater assistance in working with your needs in eating, hydration and regular exercise along with personalised supplementation.


    With the digital age upon us, our website can offer phone consultations and electronic exchanges of pathology and medical tests, etc. So you can be thousands of kilometers away, yet prosper in health through a Wellness Program prepared for you through a phone consultation with a registered practitioner.


    Weekly, new products will appear on the website as we continually build our dynamic range. Even though we offer a large range of products, if you cannot find a particular powder or product you need or want an alternative price please contact us and tell us what you are looking for. We will reply to your email.


    In the most part people are fighting major health issues well before their time. Generally, people don't wear out, THEY RUST OUT. We hope Customised Health Essentials can help you maintain wellness and live long.