IBS Stress mix & IBS Restore mix.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) involves higher pain and nerve activity, thus needing to have a mental – physical therapy approach to move to a positive outcome. Mentally, IBS is more common with certain personality traits such as type A personalities – represses rage and anger, hostility and aggression. Overly benevolent – one’s that allow other people to always take advantage of them, “door–mats”, low–esteem traits.

The main goal in helping them firstly is to help them identify emotional triggers of their IBS. Secondly, training oneself not to overthink the problem, changing negative underlying beliefs that drive stress and meet the issue as a challenge with training in problem solving, and setting realistic decision management.

For the mental side of IBS, my IBS Stress mix of zizypus, passionflower, magnolia and a high absorbable magnesium is very supportive to one’s mental state.

For the physical side, we need to restore the digestive system. My IBS Restore mix contains boswellia serrata (70% boswellic acids), glutamine, peppermint, licorice root and fennel. Also a strain specific probiotic and eating program.

G Mackie – Nutritionist, Herbalist

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