Allison S.

Some years back I made an appointment to see the Nutritionist – Glenn Mackie, with increasing joint pain, particularly in the hip where I started favouring the left side. I am 66 years old and did try anti-inflammatories from the doctor but had to stop them due to adverse side-effects.

Glenn prepared a joint pain mix of various natural elements and worked out dosage for me. He also changed my exercise routine to low impact regime and also an improved eating program. The joint pain mix took a few weeks to start to work, but the pain is now 90% gone, and there was no side-effects.

Since then Glenn’s wellness program has evolved with my health needs, treating other areas of my health like poor circulation, weight gain, energy levels, etc.
Glenn allows you the time to discuss and deal with multiple health concerns that seem to mount up, which I feel is the better approach to dealing health issues.

I would definitely say that Glenn’s ever evolving wellness program continues to meet my changing health needs, keeping me in my own home in good health.

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