Sodium Ascorbate Pure 100% Powder. The mineral sodium + ascorbic acid.
Because it is derived from glucose, many animals are able to produce it, but humans require it as part of their nutrition. Other vertebrates lacking the ability to produce ascorbic acid include other primates, guinea pigs, teleost fishes, bats, and birds, all of which require it as a dietary micro-nutrient. Vitamin C deficiencies include decreased resistance to diseases, inflammation of the gums and high blood pressure. heart disease; helps regulate cholesterol levels, appears to lower the risk of developing cataracts. Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin needed for the formation of collagen to hold the cells together and for healthy teeth, gums and blood vessels; improves iron absorption and resistance to infection. Vitamin C also helps when one has a low immune system and viruses (cold sores, etc). Usually, if one has a vitamin C deficiency, one will be deficient in other key elements as well.
Dosage should be customised to achieve best results for you. We at Customised Health Essentials (CHE) offer the single element for purchase or professional guidance along with a customised mix and phone consultation. You choose.
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Sodium Ascorbate Pure 100% Powder

Sodium Ascorbate Pure 100% Powder

Weight 0.10 kg
Scientific Name Sodium Ascorbate
Country Of Origin Australia
Plant Part N/A
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