Citrus Bioflavonoids Powder.

99% Pure. 

Aussie Seller. Registered Nutritionist, Herbalist.

Shipped in a food grade resealable foil pouch with window.

FAST DELIVERY: Normally 3 - 4 days nationally

Expiry Date: Approx 2 years.

The citrus flavonoids include hesperidin(a glycoside of the flavanone hesperetin), quercitrin, rutin (two glycosides of the flavonol quercetin), and the glycosides .

Citrus Bioflavonoids are co-factoring substances that work hand in hand with vitamin C, K, and other flavonoid complexes, which may bolster the body's natural defences when taken internally. Lemon bioflavonoids work by helping the body to absorb Vitamin C and protecting it from oxidation. These substances are also implicated in the health and strength of collagen and other connective tissues. Nutritionally this element may be used to strength the cardiovascular system and skin.

Dosage also should be customised to achieve best results for you. We at Customised Health Essentials (CHE) offer the single element for purchase or professional guidance along with a customised mix and phone consultation. You can choose what would be best for you.

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Bioflavonoids Citrus Powder. 99% Pure

Bioflavonoids Citrus Powder. 99% Pure

Weight 0.05 kg
Scientific Name Bioflavonoid
Country Of Origin USA
Plant Part Fruit
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