Beta Glucan Powder 60%

Avena Sativa

No fillers, No additives. 

Origin: USA 

Aussie Seller.

Registered Nutritionist & Compounding Herbalist. Shipped in a food grade resealable pouch with window.

FAST DELIVERY. Why wait for weeks or months for your order!!!!!!!!! Normally 3 - 4 days delivery nationally.

Beta Glucan is a active compound referred to as a biological response modifier, a safe all natural soluble fibre. Being an immunomodulator, B-glucan modulates and activates when needed but never over stimulates. Nutritionist may utilise beta glucan with health conditions including high cholesterol, ear infections, cardiovascular diseases, weakened immune systems, Chemo/Radiation side-effects, chronic fatigue platforms, influenza, swine flu, colds, lyme disease, ear infections, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, MS, rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune.

Extracts are superior in quality and strength.

We carry over 1000 herbs, actives, minerals, trace elements, vitamins in powder and liquid form.

All elements in our dispensary are utilised by our patients so they must be of the highest quality we can source. The advantage of buying from us as registered practitioners are -

1. We are qualified and registered to help you with any questions you have on the item sold.

2. We use the same A GRADE powders in our clinic with our patients that we sell on to you.

3. It is always safer to purchase from a registered Herbalist and Nutritionist.

4. We don't only sell the quality powder, but offer in-clinic or phone consultations if required.

Herbalists choice for their patients/clients.

Dosage should be customised to achieve best results for you.





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Beta Glucan Powder. 60%

Beta Glucan Powder. 60%

Weight 0.10 kg
Scientific Name Avena Sativa
Country Of Origin USA
Plant Part Seed
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